Does your marketing drive sales in TODAY'S world?

Does your marketing drive sales in TODAY'S world?

If your marketing is more “spray and pray” than strategic, you need us.


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So I don’t waste your time, here’s some blunt honesty. No creative copywriting sales fluff here, we’ll save that talent for your next ad campaign = ). I’m a business person, entrepreneur, marketing pro and consultant that’s been in business 26 years. Advertising is my passion.

My goal is to provide you with a marketing plan that provides a return on investment. If you’re ready to let an affordable team of pros handle all the “marketing stuff” so you can focus on your business, give me a call at 713.425.2521. We can chat today about your needs. 

I’m good, I’m fast and I’m affordable. I had a big staff and pricey offices, but realized those “things” didn’t produce better creative or ROI for my clients, so I’m smallish again and I pack an even BIGGER punch. So much so that I’ve held companies like Meritage Homes, one of the top 10 builders in the US. How did I handle ads, print, web and model home signage from Seattle to Florida? I have a cadre of loyal and strategic partners I’ve worked with for many years now, they’re highly skilled and they know my standards. Me and my team are some of the most talented designers, developers, coders, marketing strategists (traditional and social) that you can find. We also do all the old school “Mad Men” type traditional stuff that many of the new agencies don’t, won’t or can’t. We do what we say, on time and on budget. Maybe that’s why I’ve lived on referrals for 26 years and my current client roster includes a company that’s been with me 17 years now. See why our clients love us in their words below.

marketing | consulting | branding | websites | e-commerce | apps | social advertising
email marketing | photography | videography | print | radio | cable ads | outdoor

marketing | consulting | branding | websites e-commerce | apps | social advertising
email marketing | photography | videography print | radio | cable ads | outdoor

marketing | consulting
branding | websites
e-commerce | apps
social advertising
email marketing
photos | videos
print | traditional media

Your new marketing team...

Heather Foelsing

Owner / President / Creative Director

You will work with me directly. I setup each of your projects myself. My team then joins us with clearly defined guidelines and expectations. I will work with them every step of the way, and will remain your point of contact. 

About me:  I came from and work like a big agency, charge half that, and get it done in 1/3 the time with 3 times the skillset of a freelancer. I‘m a mom to 4 almost grown and gone kids. I’m always learning new things whether its design, code, culture or the latest advertising psychology trends. I work hard and travel often. I will be meeting some of your deadlines from Napa, New York or Mexico on my laptop.

I’m always telling my clients “find a cause you can support as a company”, and I practice what I preach. Ad Factory provides pro-bono ad, web, PR, and even physical labor to several charities from feeding children, to fighting cancer to supporting our troops and vets. 

My youngest “client child” is 6 years old, and the oldest is 17. I’ve lived on referrals for 26 years, and that says something about my work for sure. I want to gain you as a client, and keep you for many years to come, too.

Meet some of my team below, and hear what clients along the way have said about us…

Jessica Carr

Art Director | Videographer

Art | Web | Photo | Video

Stacey Pokluda

PR | PPC | Social Ads

PPC | Chat-Bots

Rebecca Marich

Art Director | WP Babe

Art | Web | Media | Traffic

Amy Rose Zala

Code | App Developer

Resident Code Genius

Michelle Thompson

Web Dev | Audit Acer

Web | Code | Fire Chief

What they say...

More about us, in their words:

Fashion Boutique, Arlington, VA

“We found a website tagged as “done by Ad Factory” after spending a year looking for a designer that actually got what we did and could tell our story. We contacted her May 7th and had a new website mockup from her by May 9th! It was creative, easy to understand and navigate. Heather immediately grasped the focus of our business and translated that vision to our website.

Since May of 2012 we have been thrilled with the results we received from Heather and staff. Our marketing has never been better, received more compliments or generated more new business. Heather has the ability to juggle many projects, with perfection and on a timely basis.

She handles our e-blasts, magazine and newspaper ads, and our bi-annual catalog, its supporting collateral from window signs to e-blasts that match, and manages our website. One of her best qualities is keeping in contact with us. Heather and her staff are always accessible. Even when she was on vacation we were able to keep in contact showing dedication and caring for clients. Heather is responsive, timely and amazingly creative. Finding Heather and Ad Factory was such good luck for Crystal Boutique and our staff.

I would recommend Heather and Ad Factory to anyone that wants extraordinary talent, a team player and flexibility. The business world changes quickly and Heather keeps us ahead of that curve.” Joel Cohen, Owner

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I’d love to talk to you about what you’re doing, what’s working and what isn’t. I’d like to hear what you want to do and how I can help. It’s important to choose a team with experience, knowledge, skills and maybe most importantly  – an agency that cares about their clients’ results long term.  

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