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A Creative Director with a passion for storytelling, design and results.

I have worked alongside and led graphics and programming teams from the front for over 20 years. Our client experience includes a range of industries and businesses from small shops to Fortune 500 companies including top 10 home builders, fashion couture retail chains, investment bankers, multi-location restaurants, outdoor planning, design and execution, packaging design and everything in between. We are dedicated to crafting “unique to you” and “stand out in the crowd” marketing solutions by merging a unique discovery process, advertising psychology, strategy, and mad skills. Oh, and we’ve written some cool software too = )


software case study software case study
software case study software case study

Texas Back in Business was awarded a contract to hand out millions of federal dollars to small business owners who were affected by hurricane Harvey. We developed a custom application that Earnst & Young audited and approved, and underwriters at GLO / HUD used to track applicants’ applications, federal documents, assess applicant worthiness based on specific custom calculations, keep notes and act as a communication tool between departments, hold monies to be potentially awarded in escrow and eventually, distribute the funding, sitting on 4 NSA level security compliant servers we created and maintained per applicable Federal data handling rules.

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