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Attract, retain and motivate key talent.

Zayla™ is Houston’s leading executive compensation consulting firm, delivering unique and strategic plans to set you apart. Pay starts with Z.


Executive Compensation Consulting

Design and planning for annual compensation issues for public, private and nonprofit orgs.

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Special Circumstance Compensation

Advisory services for specialized events such as bankruptcy, IPO, or acquisitions.

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Board & Governance Consulting

Effective and efficient corporate governance for shareholders, owners, boards, and management.

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Compensation Plans with “Boardroom EQ”

Boardroom EQ is the term we coined to express our capacity to identify and address the unique needs of the company, its boardroom and executives. We bridge the gap to develop strategies that combine your long-term objectives with market compensation standards and a forward-looking perspective.

Delivering finely tuned executive compensation strategies, employee compensation plans, incentive plan structures and corporate governance guidelines where boards, investors and management are all supportive is a balancing act that our experienced compensation consultants have mastered over the last 25 years. Our plans grow with you.

Chris Crawford, CCP, CECP, MBA

Over 25 years of strategic compensation and corporate governance consulting experience advising over 400 public, private and not-for-profit organizations, and faculty member, faculty trainer, curriculum contributor, author, and board advisor for WorldatWork.

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Ian Keas, Co-Founder, Managing Partner

Served as the lead advisor to many large, leading public companies, privately held organizations, and nonprofit companies on executive compensation, non-executive compensation, board of director compensation, and corporate governance programs.

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Liz Mayo, Principal

Certified Compensation Professional with over three decades experience. She has consulted extensively with public, private, and not-for-profit companies. Extensive experience in corporate human resources, with a specific emphasis on analytics and financial metrics analysis.

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Tailored Compensation Plans

Inspired by “nature’s math”, the fibonacci sequence, we build strategic plans from A to Z. 

Zayla does not simply turn on the clock, dazzle you with data and wish you good luck. We analyze your current plan, pour over the new data with you, and guide you through the process of creating a truly unique and strategic plan to both produce an ROI, and impress top talent.

In today’s volatile market, creating and implementing effective compensation plans for executives, board members, and other company employees is a serious challenge. Companies are constantly balancing competing forces such as hyper-inflation, low unemployment, the great resignation, volatile global markets, and the threat of a recession to ensure they are able to stay ahead of the labor market competition.

Our plans grow with you.

Experience | Integrity | Tact | Passion

Industry-Specific Compensation Consulting Experience

Our independent compensation consultants have advised some of the best performing public, private, and nonprofit companies in a wide range of industries from energy to services to high tech to agriculture and more. Whether you’re looking for assistance with executive compensation planning, employee incentive plan design, corporate governance structure, litigation support for complex compensation disputes, SEC compliance, proxy statement disclosures, or employment agreement recommendations, you can rely on our consultants for industry specific guidance that fits the exact needs of your unique business.

Client Alert

Advisory services for specialized events such as bankruptcy, IPO, or acquisitions.

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2022 Energy Company Returns Up 50%, CEO Pay Up 22%

Advisory services for specialized events such as bankruptcy, IPO, or acquisitions.

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Long-Term Incentives
in Private Companies

Advisory services for specialized events such as bankruptcy, IPO, or acquisitions.

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Pay Starts with Z™


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