counseling for children

Is your child acting out at home or school?

Does your child appear to have excessive fears or worry, or struggle with confidence?

Is your child experiencing a drop in grades or trouble concentrating in school?

Is there conflict at home?

A child’s mental health is such an important factor when considering overall health, success in school, self-confidence, and ability to engage with friends and family. Symptoms of mental health distress for kids can be different than the symptoms that appear in adults. Some of the symptoms children may experience are physical complaints, such as headache or stomachache, even when there is no physical cause, excessive worry, acting out, frequent bad dreams, bathroom accidents, declining grades, trouble sleeping, or changes in weight or appetite.

Therapy can provide a place for children to learn to identify and express emotions, gain coping skills to deal with difficult situations, practice healthy communication, and build self esteem overall. The therapists at the Counseling Center for Cinco Ranch provide a safe, supportive, and therapeutic environment for children and their families to grow. Our counselors utilize Cognitive-behavioral therapy, Trauma-focused Cognitive-behavioral therapy, Family therapy, and Parenting training.

Some of the issues addressed by our counselors regarding children are:

  • Defiant behavior at home or at school
  • Depression/Anxiety
  • School performance issues
  • Bullying
  • Self-esteem/Confidence issues
  • Communication/Social skills development
  • Family conflict/Divorce
  • ADHD
  • Trauma

Begin Anxiety Treatment at The Counseling Center at Cinco Ranch

If you are ready to find relief from anxiety for yourself or your child or teen, the therapists at Cinco Ranch can help! We provide therapy to people of all ages. To begin counseling in Katy, TX, follow these three steps:

  • Contact our office to set up an appointment or to get more information about anxiety treatment
  • Meet with one of our caring therapists
  • Find peace from your troubling thoughts with counseling!

Other Services Offered at The Counseling Center at Cinco Ranch

In addition to anxiety treatment, our mental health clinic in Katy, TX offers a variety of mental health services to clients of all ages. Ultimately, our goal is to help you stand strong in your life. Our counseling services include individual counseling, counseling for depression, family therapy, child therapy, teen therapy, counseling for young adults, trauma treatment, eating disorder treatment, counseling for women, and group counseling. Contact our therapy office to learn more about the many ways we can help you live a full and happy life.