counseling for men

I get so angry at my family but I don’t know why.
I can’t stop worrying about my job. I’m scared I’ll get fired.
I’m having a hard time staying motivated. Things that used to excite me in the past no longer matter to me.
My wife keeps telling me she wants to connect with me, but I don’t understand what she means.
Am I addicted to internet pornography? I feel guilty after I look at it, but I really don’t know if I can stop.
My dad died last year. Even though I miss him, I’m still so angry at him. It’s all so confusing.


Men can Struggle with the Stigma of the Strong, Silent Type

Although men struggle with some of the same mental health issues as women, statistics show that men are far less likely to talk with a professional therapist. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, men have been socialized to bottle up their negative emotions rather than process them. Secondly, men perceive therapy as a threat to their masculinity and may believe that therapy is a sign of weakness.

Despite a man’s reluctance to talk with a therapist, studies have shown that talking with a professional can be helpful in treating issues like anger, anxiety, depression, relationship struggles, addiction and loss.

It is difficult to be a man in our society. You are expected to be strong and not show vulnerability. The good news is the therapists at the Counseling Center at Cinco Ranch treat men’s issues by building a relationship with you and making it safe to talk about issues you are embarrassed to talk about with anyone else.

Common Men’s Issues to Consider for Therapy in Katy, TX

Anger Issues

Anger is a natural emotion. It often alerts us that something is wrong or that we need to defend ourselves. Problems arise when we express anger in ways that hurt ourselves and those we care about. Therapy for anger management does not erase the sources of anger in your life; however, you will learn strategies to help you express your anger in ways that are healthy and constructive.

Therapy for Anxiety

Over 8 million men struggle to live a happy, normal life due to an anxiety disorder. Although all people experience some form of anxiety in their lifetime, an anxiety disorder is more than just sweaty palms and a racing heart before an important work presentation. Men may experience anxiety as the feeling of extreme stress, worry, and fear . It can become so severe you may have a hard time going to sleep, performing at work and maintaining a relationship. And it gets worse when it is ignored. Therapy can help treat anxiety by teaching you relaxation techniques and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy strategies to restructure your negative thought patterns.

Depression Treatment

Men are not immune from depression. They also experience depression differently than women. While depression can manifest as sadness and hopelessness, men usually experience depression as uncontrollable rage, taking unnecessary risks and loss of sex drive (to mention just a few of the symptoms). Depression is a serious but treatable mental health issue. With the right therapy treatment, you can work through your depression and develop more positive ways of moving forward in your life.

Relationship Struggles for Men

Maintaining healthy relationships with our partners, kids, family, co-workers and friends is hard work. Men often have a difficult time communicating their needs and struggles with those they love. This creates unnecessary conflict and tension in a relationship. Therapy can provide the necessary skills and tools you need too communicate with your partner, connect with your kids and relate more positively with those you care about.

Addiction Counseling

Addiction is more than just substance abuse. Men can be addicted to pornography, their job or food. Addiction is characterized by compulsive engagement in pleasurable behavior without a consideration of the negative consequences of these actions. Whether it’s alcohol or online sex, men who struggle with addiction are usually turning to their external object of choice to regulate their internal emotions. Therapy can help you work through the underlying pain behind the addiction and encourage you to engage in thoughts and behaviors that are more conducive to happiness and fulfillment.

Loss and Grief Counseling

As men grow older, they are likely to experience a series of traumatic events. For some these include the death of a parent, divorce, loss of a job and other difficult transitions. Therapy encourages men to identify these losses and work through them rather than ignore or deny them. Talking with a trusted therapist can help you release the negative emotions associated with trauma and develop a path forward that is characterized by hope and renewal.

Counseling for Men Can Improve Your Life

The talented therapists at our Houston-area counseling center are trained to help men cope with the unique issues they face. Together we can work to address your anger, manage your anxiety, treat your depression, strengthen your relationships, work through your addiction and guide you through your loss.

We know that men struggle to talk with therapists and believe they can solve their problems on their own. We have trained therapists who will collaborate with you and work on a plan that meets your specific needs and goals. Our therapists often use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to treat men’s issues. This is an approach that encourages men to deal with their emotions by changing their negative thought patterns.

Begin Therapy for Men in Katy, TX

If you are ready to make your mental health and happiness a priority, the therapists at The Counseling Center at Cinco Ranch are ready to help. To begin therapy in the Houston area, please follow these three simple steps:

  • Contact our office to make an appointment or to learn more about counseling for men
  • Meet with one of our trained therapists
  • Begin counseling and find satisfaction and fulfillment in your life!


Other Services Offered at The Counseling Center at Cinco Ranch

In addition to help for men’s issues, our mental health clinic in Katy, TX offers a variety of therapy services to clients of all ages. Ultimately, our goal is to help you stand strong in your life. Our counseling services include couples and marriage counseling, individual counseling,anxiety treatment, counseling for depression, family therapy, child therapy, teen therapy, counseling for young adults, trauma treatment, eating disorder treatment, counseling for women, and group counseling. Contact our counseling to learn more about the services we provide and the many ways we can help you and your loved ones live a full and happy life.